The hardest part is getting your start. We will get you over the hump.  

In the beginning, the hardest part is figuring out what you want to say and how you want to say it. We will teach you how to draw upon your own life experiences, memories and observations to develop a pool of potential comedy ideas. Then we will help you take these raw ideas and turn them into a stand-up comedy act. At the end of our class, you will know the basics of writing and performing stand up comedy. 

Our teachers  are pro New York City comedians.

Great comics who are also great teachers. Plus guidance from industry insiders.

Our classes routinely feature guest lecturers from Netflix, HBO and Comedy Central. And a basic session on the business of comedy is included in this course and led by the booker of a major NYC club.

Classes are small and set in a supportive workshop environment. 

Our motto is learn by doing.

Our motto is “learn by doing.” And we believe that constructive and regular feedback is crucial to your creative growth. Every class, you will be given the opportunity to perform, present and workshop your ideas. Our collaborative approach will accelerate your progress. ​​​​​​​

Perform on a real comedy show in a major NYC Club.

Upon graduation, you and your fellow students will celebrate with a live comedy show! The show is held at a major comedy club in New York City. (You will also receive a free video of your set.) And you will get a free recording of your performance! ​​​​​​​