Advanced Stand Up Comedy Class. Online via Zoom.

Further develop and improve your material. Fine-tune your performing techniques. Receive business advice from real pro comedians.

Take our advanced stand up comedy class and take comedy act to the next level.</b> This is an advanced stand up comedy class for intermediate comics who have already developed at least 10-15 minutes of solid material. Set in a workshop environment, The goal of this class is to help you improve and expand your material, by applying various tried and true writing and performing techniques. Material is tested in-class performance. Optional participation on a real pro show for students who excel in class. This class includes a guest lecture on the business of comedy. Followed by a Q &amp; A session. <br>What you get: Six classes and a guest appearance on primetime pro show. Option to add a one-hour private tutorial at checkout.
Instructor: Troy Bond
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Topics Covered

Topics covered in our advanced stand-up comedy class.

•Tagging jokes.
•The art of editing and rewriting.
•Riffing, improvisation and stream of consciousness.
•Dealing with the “Writers Block:” Finding ways to discover get of your creative slump.
•Developing your own stage persona and point of view.
•Finding your target audience.
•Don’t break the chain! Developing discipline as a writer and editor without sling the creative spirit that makes you funny.
•Reference, retool, repurpose and reconfigure. How to revise your act to keep your material fresh and relevant. •Road sets: Middling and Headlining on the road vs. long sets in the city.
*Dealing with city bookers, road bookers, casting agents and TV scouts. 

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