Topics covered in our all-female stand up comedy class. 

Topics Covered
•Where to find material and how to develop it for your Stand Up act.
•Set structure and material selection.
• How to draw upon your own real life experiences, thoughts, memories and incidents to develop comedy material.
• Using Improv to come up with material How to make your performance pop.
• How to turn raw, rough ideas into specific jokes.
•Developing your own stage persona and point of view.
•Finding your target audience.
•Hack jokes--what jokes to avoid.
•BONUS: The business of stand up: The basics of auditioning and getting booked. Led by the booker of a major NYC Comedy Club.

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"I loved the class! I learned a surprising amount about comedy in a short amount of time and I felt so confident by the time of the show. As a first timer, it was exactly what I needed. Jocelyn facilitated a beautiful group culture of approval, acceptance, and creativity amongst us." - Hailey Marino 

"Jocelyn had crafted the course so perfectly that by week 5 all of us had our set ready for the final performance. She does not hold back on sharing pro tips on generating new material, nailing stage presence and rising through the industry. She created a very supportive environment and many new jokes and punchlines were made while we were laughing our heads off in class." - Macy Kwok. 

"Jocelyn is not only a talented comedian, but also a gifted coach! During her workshop she helped me enhance my skills in both my delivery and writing. She shared her tried and true techniques, and made the whole workshop experience a lot of fun. Jocelyn's encouragement and coaching also helped me audition for and win a residency at a comedy club in NYC!" - Kimberly Blanchard 

"My feelings about our class can be best summarized in this classic song (I've Had The Time of my Life) My friends who came to our showcase raved about every single set, and remembered jokes from everybody. They were amazed at how we all had such distinct voices, even though lots of us were just starting out and we'd studied with the same person. Jocelyn, you are such a gifted teacher. If you decide to teach again, I'm desperate to give you my money!" - Rebecca Miller

"It was a pleasure to take comedy classes with Jocelyn in the Summer of 2019. Jocelyn is simultaneously professional, kind, and frankly just good at what she does, making her an ideal teacher / mentor. I took these classes for fun and to improve my public speaking, which is exactly what I got out of the program. The classes are worth every dollar and the group of women who took the class were genuinely supportive. Highly, highly recommend for those dipping their toes into comedy." - Julia Huebner